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Welcome to the Perfect Health Assoc. (and sister sites) affiliate resources page. Here you'll find just about anything you might need to promote the 7 Minute Back Pain Cure as well other products coming to the market soon.

If you need anything and don't see it here please feel free to just email and ask. We're here to make sure you make as much money as possible promoting the 7 Minute Back Pain Cure. You can reach us at merlin @

I highly recommend you contact Merlin if you you can send any significant traffic, i.e. over 1,000 clicks. We have a LOT of custom affiliate pages, higher commission tiers and more to help you make more money. Email Merlin today.

The affiliate program is managed by everyone's favorite place, Clickbank!

That means you know you'll get paid on time, every time.

If you'd like to get started promoting our top converting offer, 7 Minute Back Pain Cure please use the details below.

We'll be adding more resources soon, and if you need anything just drop Merlin a line CLICK HERE TO EMAIL HIM

You'll need a Clickbank account and ID to promote our products. If you don't have one already just go to this link and sign up for one, it's totally free.

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Once you have your Clickbank Affiliate ID you can get started promoting the 7 Minute Back Pain Cure and we're here to make that as easy as possible for you.

Your affiliate link will need to be formatted like you see in the box below. Just insert your Clickbank Affiliate ID Where you see "YOURCBID."

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Below you'll see the current promotional resources we have available for you to use. These have all been tested and proven to bring in clicks and sales. Enjoy them!

If you have any questions please contact our amazing affiliate manager, via email at affiliate (at)

7 Minute Back Pain Cure
Affiliate Resources

    Email Promos:

  • 3% to 6% front end conversions from targeted email traffic
  • $1-$3 EPC
  • Average 60% upsell conversions

Yes, that's a 60% upsell conversion rate and that's average. We have one of the most advanced and effective upsell paths in the industry and the numbers to prove it!

You can grab some of our tested and proven email swipes below. These swipes have pulled thousands of sales and they will work for you. Make sure to insert your own Clickbank affiliate link.

It is also recommended that you send html emails and hyperlink the lines marked like this >hyperlink the text between chevrons< to your Clickbank Affiliate link.

Tested Email Swipe #1

Subject Line: Coming Soon


Tested Email Swipe #2

Subject Line: Coming Soon


Tested Email Swipe #3

Subject Line: Coming Soon


    Banner Traffic:

  • 1% to 3% front end conversions from targeted banner traffic
  • $1+ EPC
  • Average 60% upsell conversions

Example Banners are below, make sure you add your Clickbank Affiliate Link. Just right click and "Save Image As" to grab the banner for your own use.

If you're an experienced marketer or media buyer you can go ahead and make your own. Please email Ashley at affiliate (at) for approval of your banner creative.

If you need any different banners please feel free to email us and ask.